Frida Project

The Frida Property is located in the James Bay area, Northern Quebec. Radisson is the closest town located 45 km north of the project. Radisson is accessible year-round via the La Grande Rivière airport and the Route de la Baie James. The Matagami-Radisson road runs 30 kilometres west of the Property and summer access is via a jetty at the northern end of Sakami Lake at Km 56 on the Trans-Taïga gravel road located 30 km north of the northern property limit.

The Property consists of 45 mining claims with a total surface area of 2,317.1 hectares and it’s 100% owned by Vanstar and no NSR royalty (“Net Smelter Return”) is attached to the claims. 

Technical Evaluation of the Gold Potential (View PDF)

Maps and Figures

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